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Dr. Kika Otiono

Born: Lagos, Nigeria.        Hometown: Ottawa

Undergrad: Carlton University 


Medical School:  McMaster University 


Why Urology? I came to medical school as a 'non-traditional' student, in the sense that I studied the Humanities during undergrad. I was much more adapted to reading long texts and writing essays than anatomy or physiology, so I came inot medical training very open-minded (and scared!). During MS1, I was lucky enough to meet an urology resident who suggested I try it out and after shadowing a urologist shortly thereafter... it was kind of love at first sight. Urology has everything I want in a career: an opportunity to form meaningful relationships with patients while offering them both medical and surgical treatment options that may significantly improve their quality of life. Once I discovered how affable, hilarious, and kind urologists tend to be and how much I loved the OR, it was really a no-brainer. 


Why did you choose Ottawa for residency? Given the lack of visiting electives during COVID, I made it my personal mission to chat with as many residents as I could across the country (highly recommend). I loved how outgoing and warm the Ottawa residents were. I immediately felt like there is a culture set by staff and rigorously maintained by residents, one of academic excellence and collegiality. I knew I'd thrive in that environment. My decision was made easier by the fact that I love Ottawa and grew up here, and I could not wait to come back to my amazing family and city!!


What is your favourite thing about the Ottawa Urology residency program? The commitment to fostering a supportive and boisterous community of learners. I am constantly amazed by how efficient, diligent, and patient-centred the crew is, while making sure to have loads of fun along the way. We care about each other and I find myself laughing every single day on the job... it's never a dull day in Ottawa Urology!!

Hobbies/Interests: Going on Wikipedia deep dives, listening to music, reading novels, Zumba, spending quality time with family, and telling really corny jokes. 


Fun Fact:  Celine Dion has released 27 studio albums, 7 live albums, and 19 compilation albums, and I am determined to collect all her CDs by way of thrift stores, garage sales, and Facebook Marketplace 

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