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Dr. Cristina Negrean

Reconstructive Urology Fellow

Born: Moldova - a small country between Ukraine and Romania


Undergrad: I went from Dawson College directly to medical school at Université de Montréal


Medical School: Université de Montréal

Residency: Université de Montréal

Why Urology? I find urology is a perfect balance between medicine and surgery 

Why did you choose Ottawa for fellowship? Ottawa fellowship offers a unique opportunity to specialize in the whole spectrum of Functional and Reconstructive urology: male and female incontinence, vaginal surgeries, neuro-urologic pathologies, urethral strictures and complex reconstructive surgeries. There is a great deal of support for research and University of Ottawa has an amazing Masters program in Epidemiology

What is your favourite part of working with the Ottawa Urology team?

Definitely the vibe. Everybody knows how amazing the Urology Ottawa Team is and it's true!

Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with my family, paddle boarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, exercising, cooking

Fun Fact: When I was in high school, I used to do everything to skip gym class. Now, I have to force myself to take the rest days in between workouts 

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