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Dr. James Ross

Reconstructive Urology Fellow

Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia


Undergrad: Acadia University, Nova Scotia


Medical School: University of Ottawa


Why Urology?

Urology is a great combination of clinical and surgical care. There are also a number of sub-specialties from which to choose.  It really has something for everyone!  


Why did you choose Ottawa for fellowship?

I am interested in functional and reconstructive urology.  Ottawa has three dedicated reconstructive Urologists which cover a broad range from female reconstruction/pelvic floor medicine, male/urethral reconstruction, and larger intra-abdominal reconstructive surgeries. We also have a robust and high-volume urodynamics program (video and non-video).  Very few places have such a breadth of exposure which provides the fellow with great experience in all aspects of reconstruction. 

What is your favourite part of working with the Ottawa Urology team?

We have such a collegial relationship in Ottawa. Many of the staff urologists and residents are also my good friends.  We all look out for one another and work in a supportive environment that fosters greeat learning for trainees. 


Exercise, Aviation, Cartography, Movies

Fun Fact:

I did my undergraduate degree in Biology with an honors thesis focusing on Botany!  I decided to make the switch to humans when I got into medical school. 

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