Dr. Ravi Kumar

Born: Richmond Hill, ON


Undergrad: McMaster University, BHSc


Medical School: University of Ottawa


Why Urology?

Wide variety of procedures performed with many different types of technology (open, endoscopic, laparoscopic, robotic). Generally able to have a meaningful impact on the conditions we treat. Excellent mentors and the urological personality.


Why did you choose Ottawa for residency?

1. Surgical exposure. I wanted to train at a high volume center where all urologic subspecialties were well represented. The resident case volumes speak for themselves.

2. Culture. The collegial and friendly atmosphere between residents and staff really offered an excellent environment where I felt free to learn, make mistakes, and grow.

3. City. Fell in love with Ottawa during medical school. It is a beautiful city with so many fun things to do.


What is your favourite thing about the Ottawa Urology residency program?

100% the people. Rounding in the mornings with a fun group of residents who will inevitably make you die laughing is a great way to start any morning. Everyday feeling like the staff you are working with are truly invested in making you better. I also value the friendly working relationships we have with other services and nurses on the ward/Pacu/OR/clinic.


Hobbies/Interests: I love to play and watch Cricket. On weekends I serve as an opening batsman for a competitive cricket team in Toronto…Go Royal Legends!


Fun Fact: I am a trained Bollywood and Bhangra dancer.